24 Jul 2019

Trust Sirmione Boats to Set Up Your Boat Wedding in Lake Garda!

Trust Sirmione Boats to Set Up Your Boat Wedding in Lake Garda!

24 Jul 2019 - Servizi fotografici in barca lago di Garda, Matrimonio in barca lago di Garda

Do you wish to crown your love dream in one of the most beautiful locations in Italy? Trust Sirmione Boats to set up your boat wedding in Lake Garda!

Sirmione and Desenzano offer perfect romantic views to make the most important day of your life a dream come true. The Scaligero Caste, the Grotte di Catullo and the luxurious gardens on the peninsula will be the background of amazing pictures.

You can enjoy every precious moment with the person you love, your friends and family on the speedboats of Sirmione Boats. Find out all the details of the organization of your boat wedding!


The story of an unforgettable emotion


Today is your special day.

You dreamt about getting married in Lake Garda, and then being lulled by the waves and the golden atmosphere of the place of your heart.

You planned every detail, from the location of the party to the welcoming of the guests. A small group. The friends of a lifetime and the relatives who witnessed the beginning of your love.

Among the many surprises for them, there is one you really care about. You’ll reach the location on a beautiful Riva speedboat! The guests don’t know it yet, and you can’t contain your excitement anymore!

Then, here she comes.

She’s radiant in her white gown. She’s a vision coming from the lake on a speedboat decorated with the flowers you carefully chose. The captain drives you towards the location of the party, while your song plays in the background.

It’s unbelievable, but your dream has come true! Just as you imagined it.

The guests see you coming from the lake and they smile. A toast, then let’s get the party started! That tour on the boat, just the two of you, with your voices still trembling from the emotions of the day, will be one of the memories you will keep in your heart forever…



Sirmione Boats: the perfect partner to organize your boat wedding


Setting up a boat wedding is not easy.

You have to take care of the reception, the photo shooting, the music and the boat rent. It takes time, and couples often can’t fulfill their dream as they imagined it.

This is why Sirmione Boats offers to couples who want to get married in Lake Garda a set of services dedicated to their special day.

Thanks to a long experience, luxury boats and a network of professionals (photographers, florists and wine companies), Sirmione Boats is the ideal partner to set up the boat wedding you wish for.

  • The speedboats can be decorated as you like. We offer luxury boats: Riva speedboats, wooden Venetian Style boats, boats for 6 or more people.
  • The photographer will take amazing shots of you on the boat, to capture the perfect light and the most enchanting views.
  • You can choose among a selection of wines and small buffets for a toast with your guests.
  • We’ll take care of everything to make your event truly special, from the music to every detail that will make it a day of pure emotion.

But most of all, Sirmione Boats will allow you to live every moment without concerns.

You can decide to rent the boat just for the two of you, for a unique photo shooting, or you can offer to your guests a toast and a tour on the lake.

They will keep a beautiful memory of your wedding and you will have the chance to enjoy the magical intimacy that you feel after having said that simple, but powerful word: I do.

It will be a great day. The best day of your life!


Curious about what we can do to customize your boat wedding?

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