Visit Lake Garda Archivi - Sirmione Boats

Visit Lake Garda Archivi - Sirmione Boats

Visit the Most Beautiful Historic Villas of Lake Garda.

11 Jan 2021 - Boat Tour Lake Garda, Private boat tour Lake Garda, Visit Lake Garda, Curiousities on Lake Garda

There is a perfect time to experience Lake Garda in peace and discover its most secret side. When winter gives way to the first beautiful spring days, a visit to the historic villas of Lake Garda is a must. Charming, mysterious and surrounded by luxurious gardens, the villas of Lake Garda amaze the ...

Discover the Most Charming Myths and Legends of Lake Garda

09 Nov 2020 - Visit Lake Garda, Curiousities on Lake Garda

As it is often the case, the geography of a place shows the richness of culture, legends and myths connected to its roots. Let’s take Lake Garda, for instance: nymphs, gods and princesses gave their names to rocks, valleys, villages and woods. The very name of the lake comes from a myth, whic ...

A Unique Boat Tour on Lake Garda: The Castles Tour

08 Jul 2020 - Boat Tour Lake Garda, Visit Lake Garda

Those who expect to indulge in sunbathing and relaxing by the pool this summer, will be surprised by the numbers of activities that Lake Garda has to offer. Sirmione Boats organizes a unique boat tour in the spirit of history and nature: The Castles Tour. “What? Are there castles on Lake Gard ...

Lake Garda: A Beautiful Destination Which Never Ceases to Amaze and Fascinate

08 Apr 2020 - Boat Tour Lake Garda, Visit Lake Garda

The sun is setting on the lake, painting it with the warm colors of spring. The water is still, except from some ripples left by a fish swimming on the surface. Everything is ready to bloom and amaze those who want to spend a day, a weekend or their summer holidays at Lake Garda. ...

Out of Christmas Gifts Ideas? How About A Voucher for A Boat Tour on Lake Garda?

04 Dec 2019 - Events Lake Garda, Visit Lake Garda

Christmas is coming, and you are running out of gift ideas? Thanks to Sirmione Boats, you can donate a highly valuable experience that will be remembered forever! A day to spend with your best friend, a romantic weekend getaway or a boat guided tour of the best destinations on Lake Garda. ...

Relaxing Autumn at Lake Garda! Book Now Your Boat Tour and a Day at the Aquaria Thermal Spa

06 Nov 2019 - Private boat tour Lake Garda, Visit Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the perfect destination for a truly relaxing weekend in November. In this time of year, in fact, Sirmione and the Aquaria Thermal Spa unveil their most romantic and mysterious side. Looking for ideas to plan your weekend? Discover Lake Garda with ...

If You Love Art and History, Don’t Miss This Boat Tour with Sirmione Boats!

25 Sep 2019 - Boat Tour Lake Garda, Visit Lake Garda

Does summer already seem like a faraway memory? Don’t worry: Lake Garda offers lots of opportunities for recreation and relax, also in autumn – especially in September! The crispy air and the sunny days are perfect to organize a boat tour on the lake, reach dream destinations and discover the ...

Romantic Getaway to Punta San Vigilio: The Unexpected Garda!

21 Aug 2019 - Services Sirmione Boats, Private boat tour Lake Garda, Visit Lake Garda

Punta San Vigilio is a small cape near the historical village of Garda. With its ancient lemon groves, the cypress woods and the beautiful Renaissance villa, it’s the perfect destination for a romantic getaway in one of the most secret spots in Lake Garda. Sail away with Sirmione Boats for a ...

Any Ideas to Call it a Day? Book Your “An Afternoon on Board” Tour on the Lake Garda!

23 May 2019 - Boat Tour Lake Garda, Visit Lake Garda

The Lake Garda is one of the most popular destinations for those who travel in May. It combines nature, history and wonderful towns to the many activities you can plan. Whether you’re wandering around Sirmione, or you’re looking for some natural landscapes to explore, there is only one way to ...

Discover the Secret Beauty of Villa Bettoni, Among Lemon Groves and Monumental Sculptures!

09 May 2019 - Boat Tour Lake Garda, Visit Lake Garda

May brings great news to Sirmione Boats! We have added an exclusive and very special tour to our already long list of boat trips on the Lake Garda: the tour of Villa Bettoni. For those who don’t know it, Villa Bettoni is situated in Bogliaco di Gargnano, between the sharp peaks of the Alps and th ...

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