25 Apr 2019

You Have Never Seen Isola del Garda Like This! Book Now Your Magical Tour (Tasting Included)!

25 Apr 2019 - Boat Tour Lake Garda, Visit Lake Garda

The 14 April is one the favorite days of Sirmione Boats team. Do you know why? Because it’s the beginning of the Isola del Garda group tours season!

Rocky and verdant, solitary and full of history… Isola del Garda is one of those places that seem to cherish a secret and are so beautiful that stay in your mind forever.

From 14 April to October you can sail with Sirmione Boats to visit the island accompanied by an exceptional guide. And for a great ending, a “tasty” surprise is waiting for you!

Find out more about Isola del Garda and book your tour now!


The great history of a small island

It seems incredible that such a small island (even if it is the biggest island of Lake Garda) has such a great and complex history!

This is one of the reasons why Isola del Garda is a must-see place for those who visit the lake in a day, or for a whole weekend. In only 7 acres you have the chance to admire wonderful gardens, an antique villa and a wild park that stretches towards the crystal-clear waters of the lake.

In Roman times, the island was already inhabited. 130 Gallic-Roman tombstones were founded here and later donated to the Museo Romano in Brescia by Count Luigi Lechi. Then, it became a game reserve until 879, when Carlomanno donated it to the friars of San Zeno of Verona.

From this date until 1797 the island was an important ecclesiastic center. Saint Francis built a hermitage here, while Saint Bernardine enlarged the main monastery in 1429. Almost fifty years later, in 1470, father Frances Licheto founded on the island an important theology and philosophy school.

When Napoleon suppressed monasteries in Italy, Isola del Garda changed many owners among noble families, who during the years made it the architectural and botanical treasure we admire today. In particular, the Neogothic-Venetian villa and the Italian gardens that surround it.

Luigi Rovelli designed the villa for Duke Gaetano de Ferrari of Genoa and his wife the Russian Archduchess Maria Annenkoff. The villa was built between 1890 and 1903. The owners also planned the park and the Italian gardens, which present wonderful terraces and an extraordinary variety of plant and flowers – also rare and exotic.

Today the owners are the Borghese-Cavazza family. The Countess Alberta is the exceptional guide who welcomes the luckiest visitors and accompany them in the visit of the villa and the park that her family owned and has been taking care of for generations.


Organise your tour with friends or family (discover our discounts for children)!

The group tour to the Isola del Garda organized by Sirmione Boats includes the sailing from Sirmione, Lazise/Bardolino and Gargnano, the guided tour to the villa and gardens, and a happy hour on board of our motorboats.

Here are the days and times of departures (only in good weather conditions):


– FROM SIRMIONE: every Tuesday at 15:15 and Thursday at 15:45

– FROM LAZISE / BARDOLINO: every Sunday from Lazise at 15:15 – from Bardolino at 15:30

– FROM GARGNANO: Every Wednesday at 14:45


The tour lasts 3 hours: one hour of sailing and two hours dedicated to the visit and to wonder around the island.

From the boat you will have the chance to enjoy the view of the Sirmione Peninsula (find out more about this tour!) and the privilege to reach the island from an exclusive gateway. Isola del Garda, in fact, is accessible only to small boats and in certain days and hours.

Are you with friends? You could relax after the visit with a great happy hour on board, including wine, alcohol-free drinks, snacks, olives and a tasting of the prestigious Garda extra virgin olive oil.



Are you organizing a family tour? Children aged 0-4 don’t pay, and parents paying for three children have the third ticket for free!

Make the most of the warm season and of the flowering days to organize a tour that will make you discover one of the most beautiful islands of Lake Garda. All this from a truly unique perspective! Forget the most crowded destinations and dive with Sirmione Boats into the lush green of Isola del Garda.

A precious jewel encrusted between earth and water…








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