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Enjoy A Delicious Happy Hour on Board with Sirmione Boats

05 Aug 2020 - Senza categoria @en

How would you define a perfect moment? To us, it looks like a boat tour on Lake Garda, in good company and with a delicious happy hour you can enjoy on board. Here’s the news: Sirmione Boats and Risorgimento Restaurant have partnered to create a gastronomic boat tour you cannot miss! Read ...

A Paradise Close to Home: Enjoy a Great Afternoon Boat Trip with Sirmione Boats

22 Jul 2020 - Senza categoria @en

You just need to spend a special day with the people you love in a wonderful place, to feel like you’re on holiday. No flights needed, no long car trips. Sometimes, paradise is close to home… Every Wednesday afternoon, Sirmione Boats organizes a boat tour for groups along the Southern coast o ...

A Unique Boat Tour on Lake Garda: The Castles Tour

08 Jul 2020 - Senza categoria @en

Those who expect to indulge in sunbathing and relaxing by the pool this summer, will be surprised by the numbers of activities that Lake Garda has to offer. Sirmione Boats organizes a unique boat tour in the spirit of history and nature: The Castles Tour. “What? Are there castles on Lake Gard ...

Sirmione Boats Is Back Sailing Safely! Kick-Off of the boat tours on Lake Garda.

24 Jun 2020 - Senza categoria @en

After some months of waiting, finally Sirmione Boats is ready to set sail on the blue waters of Lake Garda. The Coronavirus emergency has delayed the beginning of the season, which can now start safely and with a stronger enthusiasm. Get some information about the measures we’ve adopted to welcome ...

Sailing on Lake Garda in Total Freedom: Rent a Boat with Sirmione Boats

10 Jun 2020 - Senza categoria @en

Lake Garda shines under the sun of June, while you’re planning a day of sailing with your friends. No constraints: only you, a motorboat and the desire to explore the most beautiful hidden inlets of the coast, to dive where the water is clearer. Choose among the many boats available for hire that ...

Isola del Garda Tour at a Special Price. Celebrate the Beginning of Summer with Sirmione Boats!

22 May 2020 - Senza categoria @en

Summer is here and Sirmione Boats has officially opened a new season of boat tours to the most beautiful destinations on Lake Garda. On the 2nd of June, Isola del Garda will open to the public. Let’s celebrate with some private boat tours at a special price!  Isola del Garda: an enchanted jew ...

The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day: A Special Trip to Experience Together

08 May 2020 - Senza categoria @en

No gift ideas for Mother’s Day? If you’ve already played the card of make-up, foulards and bouquets, this year you can surprise your mom with something unique: a special day to spend together on Lake Garda.  With Sirmione Boats’ gift card you can give her the promise o ...

Lake Garda: A Beautiful Destination Which Never Ceases to Amaze and Fascinate

08 Apr 2020 - Senza categoria @en

The sun is setting on the lake, painting it with the warm colors of spring. The water is still, except from some ripples left by a fish swimming on the surface. Everything is ready to bloom and amaze those who want to spend a day, a weekend or their summer holidays at Lake Garda. ...

Organize a Weekend on Lake Garda with Your Girlfriends to Celebrate Women’s Day

03 Mar 2020 - Senza categoria @en

Friendship has to be cultivated and, most of all, celebrated anytime you can. If you want to do something special for Women’s Day, like a fabulous weekend with your best friends full of unforgettable and precious moments, then organize a weekend on Lake Garda! Besides being one of the lushest ...

Valentine’s Day on Lake Garda: Private Boat Tour and Fabulous Landscapes

12 Feb 2020 - Senza categoria @en

Sometimes, the simplest things are the most romantic. Like navigating the crystal-clear waters of Lake Garda, surrounded by a timeless and dreamlike atmosphere. This year live a wonderful Valentine’s Day on Lake Garda with your sweetheart! Because of the many events of Lake Garda in Love and ...


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