Find out all the services reserved to Tour Operator

Reserved to Tour Operator

Reserved to Tour Operator

Find out all the services reserved to Tour Operator

Besides the rental of speedboats that do not require navigation license, SirmioneBoats Consorzio Motoscafisti organizes boat tours on Lake Garda for touristic and corporate groups and speedboat events on behalf of domestic and international Tour Operators, granting reliable and flexible transfer times.

Departure location for the boat tours and the boat rental is opposite the Sirmione Castle.

Which boats are available for group tours at Lake Garda?

SirmioneBoats Consorzio Motoscafisti has a large fleet at the port of Sirmione.

All boats are suitable both for short and long cruises, for large groups and for single families and are equipped with sunroof, sundeck, mini fridge and audio sound system.

The boats have variable capacity and can offer tours tailored to different types of travelers.

Two covered boats with 55 seats each are available for group cruises on Lake Garda, even in case of rain.

For special events, wooden speedboats are also available, such as Pedrito El Drito, the  Venetian-style wooden boat. Perfect for photo shoots, happy hours with friends or family trips, it is particularly suited for weddings and romantic cruises.

A very exclusive proposal is also available thanks to the luxurious interiors and refined finishes of the Riva Aquariva speedboat: an Italian excellence recognized internationally for the absolute technical quality and the unique harmony of style, especially suitable for weddings and highly exclusive private events.

Besides the boat chartering with skipper, taxi service and excursions for groups, it is also possible to rent speedboats that don’t require navigation license.

Which are the tours and excursions proposed to groups?

SirmioneBoats Consorzio Motoscafisti has been on the spot for a long time with a specific offer for the territory that includes cruises and group tours to the main tourist sites of Lake Garda, starting from the tour of Sirmione peninsula.

Major destinations for group cruises are: Garda’s island, Punta San Vigilio, Gardone, Garda, the Romantic coast of Desenzano with the opportunity to admire also the Fortess of Manerba, the Gulf of Garda, San Biagio (or Rabbits) Island and many more.

There is furthermore the possibility to plan trips and excursions tailored to the needs of each group, by choosing the favorite sites at Lake Garda or thematic routes based on specific interests, as the tasting of local wines, such as Lugana.

The new, innovative 2016 tours, designed with special care by people who love their region, will give the chance to curious visitors to explore the less touristic places and stories: for example, the boat tour of the Lake Garda Legends and the tour of Templars Treasure, available soon.

How many people can you host at the same time, what is the capacity of your boats and the timetable?

Thanks to its large fleet SirmioneBoats Consorzio Motoscafisti has capacity for over 200 passengers and can handle even larger groups according to the needs of the Tour Operator.

Scheduling is flexible in order to meet the needs of group excursions.

Our customers are foreigners, how many languages do the crews speak?

The captains of the boats SirmioneBoats Consorzio Motoscafisti speak English, French, German, Spanish, and, during the tour of Lake Garda, they will give to the guests the most interesting information about the places while admiring them from the motorboat.

How much does it cost to organize group tours with you?

We are available for a phone call or email contact via this page. We like to offer the best services for every situation, customizing our proposals to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Click here to contact us directly. 

Please click on “Download PDF” to download the PDF with all the answers to the Tour operators and Travel agencies’ frequently asked questions about the boat services for touristic groups on Lake Garda.



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