14 Mar 2019

Exclusive Sirmione: Discover Maria Callas’ Favorite Hideaway

14 Mar 2019 - Boat Tour Lake Garda, Visit Lake Garda

There’s a reason why Maria Callas, the world’s most famous soprano, loved Sirmione so much and missed it for the rest of her life after her departure from this village on the Lake Garda.

Her magnificent villa, surrounded by the beauties of the Catullan peninsula, had been for her an oasis of peace, a hideaway where she used to relax gardening or organizing dinners for her friends and artists of the international scene.

Callas loved looking at Sirmione from the lake.

Starting 1 April, you will have the chance to live the same experience with Sirmione Boats! Join us on the Tour of the Sirmione Peninsula, the only one that allows you to admire this paradise from a very exclusive perspective.

Ready to go?!


The Tour Of The Sirmione Peninsula

From 1 April to 30 September, Sirmione Boats organizes one of the most loved tours by travelers who want to discover the Lake Garda starting from Sirmione. Why is it the most famous? Well, the answer is simple…

There is no other way to explore and admire Sirmione with the eyes of who loved it so dearly: Maria Callas. The casta divaused to spend many sunny afternoons sailing the lake, looking for the most exciting views of the peninsula. And not only this.

During the years when she lived in her villa in Via Catullo, Callas was a daily presence among the narrow paths of the village. You can almost see her now: a beautiful woman with a sweet smile on her face.

You can imagine her sitting close to the bridge of the Rocca Scaligera, the boarding point of our 25 minutes-long tour.The view on the magnificent castle and on the Lake Garda bathed by the sun is breathtaking.

We sail towards the second stop of the tour: the villa of our special guest. Surrounded by a flourishing garden, the golden walls of Maria Callas’ villa tell the story of the timeless elegance of the Twenties…

After having reached the Aquaria Thermal Spa Baths, the most famous sulphurous spring waters of the whole region, you will be astonished by a unique view: the Grotte di Catullo Roman ruins. 

We are at the top of the peninsula, where the ancient ruins of the poet’s villa rise above olive trees and the turquoise water of the lake, which in this area has a peculiar color that you cannot see elsewhere.

Maybe it’s because the Boiola Sulphur Spring pours out right here, after a long journey from Mount Baldo. These healthy waters turned Sirmione into one of the world’s most famous hot-spring resorts.

Look at the water: you could see the bubbles of the spring coming up on the surface of the lake!

We have almost finished our 25 minutes tour and we’re reaching one of the views Maria Callas loved the most: the Sirmione Castle.

The walls with swallowtail battlements, the towers and the moat still full of water: it seems like you’re travelling back in time! No doubt, this is one of the most well preserved castles on the Lake Garda, and having the chance to see it from our boat gives you a thrill that cannot be described with words.

We are getting closer to the castle, and you can almost touch it with your head while we pass under the drawbridge and go back to the port, where our tour of the Sirmione peninsula ends.

We leave Maria Callas strolling around the paths of the village and we make a tour date for next time. Maybe our special guest will be Catullo!


The tour of the Sirmione peninsula is 25 minutes long and is on every day, with two daily departures: 11 am and 5 pm.

It is one of the most loved of Sirmione Boats tours, therefore we suggest you book in advance to make sure you can join us!




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