09 May 2019

Discover the Secret Beauty of Villa Bettoni, Among Lemon Groves and Monumental Sculptures!

09 May 2019 - Boat Tour Lake Garda, Visit Lake Garda

May brings great news to Sirmione Boats!

We have added an exclusive and very special tour to our already long list of boat trips on the Lake Garda: the tour of Villa Bettoni.

For those who don’t know it, Villa Bettoni is situated in Bogliaco di Gargnano, between the sharp peaks of the Alps and the gentle banks of the lake. In the middle of a park that smells like the Mediterranean, this little Versailles hides an extraordinary collection of paintings, sculptures, frescoes and Italian gardens.

From today, you can reach it on board of Sirmione Boats motorboats and visit the most secret corners of an ancient villa that will carry you into a dream.

Are you ready to leave?

The History of Villa Bettoni, a piece of heaven close by!

The history of Villa Bettoni is linked to that of a family of lemon merchants: The Earls Bettoni Cazzago.

In 1600, Gian Domenico Bettoni founded the first palace. But it’s only in the XVIII century that it became the villa we admire today, especially thanks to the great fortune amassed by the Garda family.

The lemons of the Earls Bettoni reached the court of Catherine of Russia and the family became quite influent in the Hapsburg court. So much so, that they negotiated the succession to the throne of Charles VI’s daughter Maria Theresa of Austria.

We must thank the genius of Gian Domenico’s sixteen children for the splendor of the actual villa. In fact, they commissioned the expansion of the previous palace to two among the most popular architects of the time: Adriano Cristofoli and Antonio Marchetti.

Marchetti planned the magnificent flight of stairs that welcomes the visitors. A superbly refined structure embellished by the mythological statues made by Gian Battista Locatelli.

The Italian gardens, on the other hand, were built by the Florentine architect Amerigo Vincenzo Pierallini. He designed plays of perspective, flowerbeds, fountains, a temple to Apollo and an artificial cave.

The geometric perfection of the gardens encounters the wilderness of the park around the villa. All around that, there are orangeries, olive trees, small clearings and laurel woods.

During the years, Villa Bettoni hosted in its rooms, frescoed by the brothers Galliari, many famous personalities. Among them,  Giacomo Puccini, Victor Hugo, Giuseppe Garibaldi and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Not so much has changed since then.

The descendants of the family still guide the visitors with the same kindness, to show them the volumes and scientific tools stored in the library, the Baroque paintings collection, the furniture and sculptures.

But what really makes this visit so special is the narrative of little private stories and great pages of history. In Villa Bettoni, these two universes mingle in a very interesting way.

You just have to jump on board of our motorboats and leave for a tour that will make you discover a dreamy destination!

Book your tour of Villa Bettoni now!

Do you want to live the unique experience of a visit to Villa Bettoni, where the noble family of the Earls Bettoni still lives and which have been recently opened to the public? Book your tour with Sirmione Boats now!

Starting from May, every Friday at 3 pm we will leave from Piazzale Porto in Sirmione, the small port close to the Scaligero Castle.

The tour lasts 3 hours. We head to Gardone, then we reach Villa Bettoni in Bogliaco and visit the main building and the Italian gardens, guided by the members of the Bettoni family.

After the visit we head back to Sirmione, this time sailing close to Isola del Garda to offer our hosts another breathtaking panorama!

The tour takes place only with favourable weather conditions and with a minimum number of participants.

Book your tour to Villa Bettoni now and make your visit to Lake Garda a day to remember!





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